The Basics of Shabby Chic Style

A shabby chic look is a style that naturally lends itself to decorating on a budget. This is because the Shabby Chic look is based on using furnishings that are comfortable, time-worn, and in keeping with simple and practical living. If you are on a limited decorating budget and want to create a look that is unpretentious yet elegant, Shabby Chic may be the style for you. I will show you some basic steps to decorate in shabby chic in your own home.

Use slipcovers: furniture that is covered in slipcovers is the hallmark of the shabby chic style. Not only does slipcovering furniture give an old item a new look, the cost is quite inexpensive and slip covering allows you to easily purchase used furniture. The Shabby Chic style often uses lots of simple white slip covers that look clean and fresh and are extremely budget friendly.

Unmatched Printed Fabrics: To liven up the white slip covers, printed and patterned fabrics are added as comfortable throw pillows, chair cushions, bedding, etc. You can choose fabric in floral, stripes, paisley or any other type of print that you would like to use. Using differing colors and patterns will make the room feel cozy and also helps you to find things on a budget.

Painting your furniture is another key element of the shabby chic style. Furniture can be purchased at flea markets and garages sales, and then painted for that old but loved look. When you add paint try to use white or another pale color and paint all of the pieces that you have found in one uniform shabby chic color.

Flowers: Flowers that are fresh add color and a chic vibe in the home. Cut some flowers from your own garden or make a bouquet from flowers that you buy from your local farmer’s market around the corner. The floral arrangements are typically informal and organic, with a look of just being thrown together. Flowers are used in all rooms of the home including the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Unique Lighting: Shabby Chic features light fixtures and lamps that typically appear to be flea market finds. Often the light fixtures have glass or crystal beads which in juxtaposition to the casual furniture creates an unexpected look. Lamps are painted as well, and you can use fancy shades with feathers or beads.

You have now learned many ways to decorate with shabby chic in your home. Imperfection is the hallmark of the shabby chic style, so please don’t be afraid to make any mistakes.