Show Your Family The Greatest Pride – Decorate Your Living Room Using Shabby Chic

Many tend to associate shabby chic decorating with femininity, yet I disagree. To me, shabby chic is a decorating style that expresses pride in history by using furniture, sofas, and pieces of art from earlier periods, the vintage pieces ideally look a little worn, to create a beautifully aged design scheme.

Rachel Ashwell is known for coining the term ‘Shabby Chic’ in the 1980’s when she started a company that sold budget pieces of furniture that looked eclectic and worn, but stylish. The furniture associates with a number of historical designs from different periods, the pieces are created to look as if they’re older, worn and from an earlier period, for instance the 1800’s country French, Shaker designs, plus many others.

Your living room will become a very comfortable space with this style, adding the romance that antique and vintage pieces bring to your home. Your living room will be so wonderful and cozy with the shabby chic style, and it is perfect if you take pride in displaying your most cherished accessories and antiques. The best part of decorating with the shabby chic style is that you are able to use items that you already have in your home and a little bit of paint.

How To Paint Shabby Chic Furniture

DIY home decorators save money and have the added benefit of a sense of accomplishment and pride in their workmanship when they paint their own shabby chic furniture. Each person can decorate their own furniture in any style that they choose. Shabby chic decorating is a cozy, stylish and relaxing look and a perfect way to preserve vintage items.

Shabby chic shows class and pride in character, and can be used for any room of your home such as the nursery, living room and guest room.

Arrange articles that are different and then paint them to give them a uniform appearance.

I’ll outline some tips here that will give your home the pride of the peacock:

* Use furniture that is outdated and old, most likely something that you can find at any second-hand pieces. The finish of the furniture that you choose is not important because it will be painted.

* For painting you must break away from tradition, choose light colors and pastel. Some great choices would be pale pink, lavender, light baby blue, or a pale yellow.

* If the furniture you are painting is made of laminate material, you need to clean it and scrub it with sandpaper, and then apply a good quality primer as a base coat before applying paint.

* A trick to use before painting the furniture is to rub candle wax over the whole piece of furniture to prevent paint from sticking, and then begin to add your selected color of paint. The really good news is that it is possible to paint and create some awesome shabby chic furniture without being a professional painter.

* Use uniformity in your scheme, by choosing identical color fabrics for your curtains and the shades. Choose fabrics in a combination of prints, floral, striped, or plaid, that matches your overall decor with similar colors and shades.

The pride of creating shabby chic furniture belongs to everyone, even if you don’t have any old or antique furniture in your home. Look in second-hand stores and yard sales for pieces that have good shapes or look similar to vintage furniture. You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying pricey furniture and accessories, nothing needs to be bought. Many people that decorate their home in the shabby chic style use odds and ends found anywhere, from broken pottery and vases to outdated luggage and ottomans, with a little bit of creativity you can have a home with shabby chic decor.

If you take pride in preserving old furniture you’ll be amazed at the opportunities this style of decorating offers. Restore a worn deck chair for living room furniture, fix up old wood using a transparent blue stain paint. Bring in a garden arbor to make your scheme distinctive, use garden statues such as angels, or combine pieces from your grandmother’s home with pieces you have chosen. If you take pride in preserving old furniture these ideas will make you a proud decorator.

In the living room decorators can use household furniture already in their home, they can sand half of the paint off a piece to give it a worn look or add a light layer of paint to a wood piece. Decorators may also use several layers of different shades on top of one another, so that the shabby chic piece appears to be from an earlier age, the idea is to break up sets by painting each piece a different color.

Decorating your own pieces in shabby chic will take some time and effort on your part, but the sense of pride and happiness that it brings will make it all worth it. So now you know the secrets, it is up to you to separate excellence from inaction, with a bit of reason and a sense of freedom you’ll proud of the results.