Shabby Chic Decorations for Any Space

When you decide to decorate your home using the shabby chic style, decide what space you want to change and what pieces you will need to spruce your place up with.

Here are a few tips when choosing some shabby chic décor for your space.

1– Select pieces that will bring joy every time you step into your home. When entering into a shabby chic space one usually feels happy with the light and airy feel. Therefore choosing pieces that continue with this same feel with only add to the sensation.

2 – Next, choose pieces that will compliment other pieces. For instance, a mirror is a great way to tie in some other pieces together, as well as help intensify the space. Use the mirror in the smallest space so that it will appear even larger.

3– Use a central theme.

If you have decided to have a more feminine shabby chic, then pick pieces that compliment that theme. For example, a canopy bed with long lacy curtains around it and lots of ruffles on a makeup table and flowers on the wall will make the room feel more feminine if that is the style of shabby chic that you are looking for. Similarly, if you want a more eclectic shabby chic style, pick more mismatched pieces that will fall into this style of decor. Decorate with a bicycle in the corner, and a large blanket and colorful mismatched pillows and throw blankets to play up the eclectic decor.

4 – A huge thing that many overlook with a shabby chic space is flowers. Fresh flowers make the space smell, feel and look better, and help achieve the airy look that you are after. Also, you could select flowers based on the style of shabby chic that you have decided on. Roses are a great flower to add into the princess feel, while sunflowers work well with the eclectic feel. These live flowers are also a great way to add comfort to the space, as many feel more welcome in a space that adds these natural elements.

5– Blankets and throw pillows are a necessary accessory to add to any space when decorating shabby chic (except bathrooms and kitchens of course). Pillows and throws should match your overall color scheme and your common theme that you have decided on and add to the homey feel of your space. A room that appears cozy and lived in is very inviting and welcoming to guests.

6– Last, but not least of course, don’t forget the front door, it is very important in making your guests feel welcome and at home. A front door with an inviting “Welcome” mat and perhaps a wreath on the front door makes guests feel more at home. When a guest walks up to a bare front door they may get the sense of an empty home. Whichever decor style you choose, just make sure it is something that makes you feel welcomed as well, not just your guests.

The best thing about shabby chic décor is how at home many feel with it. Not only is shabby chic inviting, but it is also cozy, which is why the style has been increasing in popularity over the years.

It will become very easy and natural for you to add beauty and elegance to your spaces with these shabby chic decorating ideas. Combine your creative talents with your imagination and you will have a shabby chic decor that you and your loved ones will be able to cherish for years and years to come.