Home Decor – Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas on a Small Budget

Are you working with a limited decorating budget? If so, shabby chic decorating is the decorating style for you. Decorating this way is an easy way to save money and it is a lot of fun too, because you can use old and new furnishings and accessories and bring it all together. Let me give you some ideas to get started.

Browsing flea markets, second-hand stores and yard sales are basic to this style of decorating and are easy on the decorating budget. Many things can be given new life with a little TLC and creativity. Try adding a coat of paint, new lining or hardware, covering up a problem area of the furniture with a piece of fabric, or adding a bit of glass or marble.

Always remember to keep things simple when selecting accessories and decor and don’t overdo it and end up with too many knick-knacks. Large pieces of furniture need a little bit of space around them so that your room does not look too cluttered. Choose what you truly love to display on top of the well-placed furniture in your living area.

Restaurants that display vintage décor are a source for decorating ideas because of the wide variety of objects displayed and their uniqueness. Making these observations will help you to see the possibilities of new ideas that are all around you wherever you go.

Shabby chic decorating can enhance many decorating styles. For instance, a more formal, traditional decorating style can be made to look more relaxed and friendly by bringing in vintage home décor such as old picture frames, vintage fabric pillows and unique wall décor. Baggy slipcovers can be replaced by fitted slipcovers that look sleek and tight and will add a great shabby chic element to a contemporary decor. Take a look around your home and garage for items that could be reinvented in some way. You might want to move an item to another room so it can be used in a different way; such as, a small dresser used in a bathroom for additional storage.

When you think outside of the box you will be able to come up with many ways to decorate your home with the shabby chic style. The best thing about shabby chic decor is that there are no hard and fast rules, just do whatever you think looks best.