DIY Shabby Chic Kitchen Decor

If you want to decorate your kitchen in the shabby chic style, replace modern hardware with Victorian vintage knobs. Look online at Ebay or at stores such as World Market, or even at thrift shops. It may even be worth it to buy old cabinets just to remove the hardware that comes with it.

If your current kitchen appliances don’t look remotely right in your new kitchen, you can have them repainted to match everything else, as fortunately companies do exist that will repaint appliances. Alternatively, if you want to replace the appliances altogether, there are also companies that sell retro style appliances.

Don’t forget to give your kitchen a light and airy window treatment. Curtains, rather than blinds, are an excellent way to emphasise the shabby chic look especially dainty floral prints, held in place with antique tie-backs. For a cleaner, unfussy look you could also use cotton nets slung over pine poles or even pure lace, draped across just half the window.

One of the best parts of decorating with the shabby chic style is that you don’t need to ever go out and buy something brand new, but can look in thrift stores for things that are used. Someone else’s rubbish may just be the perfect display piece for your shabby chic kitchen. A tart-up with a pretty paint finish or some floral material can give new life to many a neglected treasure.

Accessories will make or break your shabby chic kitchen, so they should be chosen carefully, and placed with great thought. This stage of achieving the shabby chic look is rather like planting a country garden, inasmuch as it should all look entirely natural and as if it has just happened by chance.

Any skilled gardener will know that all gardens take a lot of thinking and planning. This same forethought will apply to your shabby chic kitchen, but just make sure not to over clutter your kitchen with too many shabby chic knick-knacks that will end up making your kitchen look more like a junkyard instead of shabby chic.

Some really great additions to your kitchen can include distressed corner shelves for old battered recipe books, Victorian chamber pots for plants, early spice racks, embroidered hand-towels and homespun linen on wrought iron hooks, well-worn oven gloves, 1950’s tin canister sets and cookie cutters, granny’s washboard, sepia framed photos, Imperial kitchen scales, a rose patterned china tea service, vintage wooden boxes and serving bowls, old baking trays, copper pans, fish kettles and of course lots and lots of fresh flowers.

Lastly, don’t forget that shabby chic is an understated look and you don’t want to go overboard by going all out and having too much that is shabby and vintage, it has to be right the balance to achieve the desired effect that is unique and perfect for you.