A Shabby Chic Living Room – Decorating On a Budget

Have smart thoughts when you want to decorate a room cheaply and nicely. A lot of people think that decorating living rooms will cost a lot of money. You can pick out furniture and accessories on a budget if you have a plan. It’s not essential to buy big budget items to make your home look nice.

You can choose used or antique furniture or decor that you can find at yard sales or thrift shops. The distressed vintage accessories and furniture pieces allow you to makeover the plain living room into shabby chic look. You can make your space very simple and elegant with some chintz, whitewashed furniture and a comfy couch.

Pastel and Light Colors

A shabby chic living room looks bigger with a white pastel palette on the wall. Use pure white or vintage white to cover the entire wall. If the living room features woodwork, apply the chalk painted style on the crown molding, window shutter and trim line. The uneven finish, rough texture and distressed tone characterize the shabby chic painting style.

Vintage Items

It is not necessary to spend big bucks on brand new furniture. To achieve a shabby chic quality, reproduce the items that you already have had at home. Take a classic side table that is white and make it interesting by adding a lamp next to it with an old red brocade shade. Use an old slipcover or quilt to cover up a fancy sofa. The wooden trunk coffee table is excellent to adorn with tarnished silver tray, an antique vase and pink roses.

Fruit and Flowers

The final touch on shabby chic interior design is by having unique prints. Fruit and floral prints are the most popular prints to use in shabby chic. Use floral curtains on the windows. Match it with a copper finished rod. If floral patterns are boring to you, try using a fruit one. You can also place some fruit inside a nice antique cream colored vintage bowl on top of a rustic table.


The white and pink furnishing will blend well with a crystal chandelier. If the price of this lighting fixture is too expensive for you, purchase a secondhand wrought iron candle chandelier. Combining medieval era with rustic Victorian cottage era blends together to become shabby chic. Paint the chandelier in gold if you wish. Choose a lampshade in a scalloped pattern. The lampshade can be made of burlap, feather, or ruffled lace to enhance shabby chic beauty.

With shabby chic an owner can have a frilly lamp covered in beads, and a sturdy bookshelf with paint chipped away, yet somehow it all manages to tie in just perfectly creating the right amount of balance, and remaining cozy all at the same time. It may seem complicated, but it will work together, I promise.

If this style is just what you are going for then the best room to start in is your living room. This room is the most diverse in the house as it serves as a greeting space, family space, sometimes even a dinner space. So how do you tie in all the elements of shabby chic together with all the elements of your living room? It’s easy-just do whatever it is that you want!

First and foremost, shabby chic does not mean girl up the room as much as possible. It is fine if that’s what you want in your room, but painting everything pink and putting ribbons everywhere is not necessary at all. A green entertainment center with paint chipped off, and an antique lamp work just as well in the space as does the frilly ruffles. Colors that work best with the shabby chic style are pastel and pale because they are the most relaxing in a space that is made to relax in. Start with the paint on the wall, and make sure it is a nice and calming color.

Rule number one for furniture shopping: Thrift stores and garage sales are not the enemy, and furniture does not have to be brand new. In fact, the more worn in the piece, the more cozy it will fit in your space. Local secondhand stores are a wonderful place to find amazing pieces that has been loved for generations and has a lot of character as well. But make sure the piece is in good shape before purchasing. Worn and well-loved is good; broken and dirty does not need to come into your house.

If you’re handy and creative, pieces that are broken and considered garbage to others can become new prized possessions to display in your living room with just the right amount of fixing and painting. A mirror that has been left by the side of the road can get a fresh coat of paint of the frame and placed over the couch for only a couple of dollars. If you want to go green, shabby chic is the decorating style for you. As many who take hold of this style use furniture from hand me downs. Furniture that would normally be tossed to the local dump now make their new home in your living room.

Rule number two:make sure the room makes you happy when you enter it. As previously stated, shabby chic is what you make of it. Choose the pieces that you take home carefully. Shabby means the pieces look worn and chic means it looks really good when it all comes together. You have the power to make your living room amazing with the shabby chic style.